Printed catalogues are our primary medium for offering early instruments. We have uploaded our latest issues, Tesseract Catalogues 102, 103, and 104 (a special issue on sundials), presenting many unusual early objects of science and medicine


Rittenhouse, The Journal of the American Scientific Instrument Enterprise is dedicated to articles about the history of instruments made, sold, and/or used in the Americas.We co-published this as a print journal for 23 years. All 70 back issues, featuring many dozens of articles on all types of scientific instruments, are still available from us, either singly or by volume.

The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford has an active presence on the web, featuring exhibits, publications, and the interactive discussion site "rete".




BURES-SUR-YVETTE: On Sunday, 29 May 2016, several dozen dealers in early scientific instruments offered their wares at this annual fair, held indoors at the Gymnase Chabrat in this village 30 km southwest of Paris. Admission is free, open from 9am until 6pm.

LONDON: The 59th of these semiannual antique instrument fairs was held on Sunday 17 April 2016, in the Double Tree Hotel on Southampton Row in central London. Several dozen international dealers presented their wares. Opening hours are 10am until 3pm, with general admission 5 pounds. Details here.