Pearsall, R.

Collecting and Restoring Scientific Instruments, 1974, 278pp., illus., long out-of-print. Includes interesting glossary (e.g., telengiscope, hygrophant, eriometer) plus lists of makers. $ 45

  Taylor, E.G.R. The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-1714, 1989 reprint of 1954, 443pp., with biographies and bibliography of early practitioners. $ 65
  Taylor, E.G.R. The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England, 1714-1840, 1989 reprint of 1966, 503pp. Complements Clifton's work with extensive notes on the significant activities of the major English instrument makers. $ 65
  Turner, G. L'E. The Practice of Science in the Nineteenth Century, 1996, 400pp., with 600 b&w illus. + 16pp. color. A study of 19th c. scientific apparatus based on the historical collection in the Teyler Museum. $ 95
Collections and Exhibitions
  Ackermann, S.(ed.) Humphrey Cole: Mint, Measurement and Maps in Elizabethan England, 1998, 106pp., paper, well illustrated. Includes a splendid catalogue of all known instruments by this most important maker.
$ 35
  Anderson, R.G.W. The Playfair Collection and the Teaching of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, 1713-1858, 1978, 175pp., illus., paper. $ 22
  Bennett, J. A Decade of Accessions -- Selected Instruments Acquired by the Whipple Museum of the History of Science between 1980 and 1990. A full 115 instruments illustrated & described. $ 20


    Early Science and Harvard: Innovators and their Instruments 1765-1865, paper, 1969, 82pp. Well illustrated catalogue of an exhibition. $ 6
  Mollan, C. & J. Upton The Scientific Apparatus of Nicholas Callan..., 1994, 304 pp., with 390 photographs of this little-known, major collection, hardbound. $ 55
  Turner, A.J. From Pleasure and Profit to Science and Security: Etienne Lenoir and the Transformation of Precision Instrument Making in France 1760-1830, 1989, 107pp. large paper, illus., fine study of this master craftsman and his instruments. $ 32
Astronomy, Astrolabes, Globes, Sundials
  Calvert, H.R. Asronomy 1: Globes, Orreries and other Models, 1967, paper. Small booklet with color illustrations and descriptions of 20 fine instruments. $ 20
  Cowham, M. A Dial in your Poke, 2004, 212pp., fully illustrated in color. Impressive work on portable sundials, documenting a remarkable collection. $ 60
  Dahl, E.H., and J.-F. Gauvin Sphaerae Mundi. Early Globes at the Stewart Museum, 2000, 208pp., with color illustrations of this wonderful collection. $ 49
  Gibbs, S. & G. Saliba Planispheric Astrolabes from the National Museum of American History, 1984, 231pp., illus, paper, out-of-print. Exceptional catalogue of this major collection of 48 astrolabes, plus chapters on design and history of instrument. $ 95
  Gouk, P. The Ivory Sundials of Nuremberg, 1988, 148pp. illus., paper. Very important study, well-illustrated, large page size. $ 40
  Hetherington, B. A Chronicle of Pre-Telescopic Astronomy, 1996, 273pp., not illustrated, but with a wealth of early dated observations (up to 1609), plus details on non-telescopic instrumentation (published @ $133). $ 45
  Higton, H. Sundials: An Illustrated History of Portable Dials, 2001, 136pp., extensively illustrated in color. A useful popular account, based on the wonderful collections at the National Maritime Museum. $ 50
  Maurice, K. & O. Mayr (eds.) The Clockwork Universe: German Clocks and Automata, 1550-1650, 1980, 322pp., illus., out-of-print. Well researched articles and fine large illustrations cover early clocks, celestial globes, etc. $ 65
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  Webster, R. & M. Western Astrolabes: Volume One of Historic Scientific Instruments at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, 1998, 179pp. Fully illustrated display of the extraordinary collection. $ 45
Surveying and Mapping
  Bedini, S. Thinkers and Tinkers, reprint of 1975, 544pp., illustrated. The best analysis of early American instrument manufacture; much on surveying instruments. $ 32
  Skerritt, W.H. Catalog of the Charles E. Smart Collection of Antique Surveying Instruments, 1996, 193pp., illus., paper. Documents a wide variety of American surveying instruments and makers, with over 200 illustrations. $ 42
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  Bracegirdle, B. A History of Microtechnique, 1978, 359pp., well illustrated. The definitive historical work on microscopic slide preparations, techniques, and mounters. $ 65
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  Turner, G. Collecting Microscopes, 1981, 120pp., out-of-print. Fine illustrated history of the microscope. $ 35



  Davis, A.B., and M.S. Dreyfuss The Finest Instruments Ever Made -- A Bibliography of Medical, Dental, Optical, and Pharmaceutical Company Trade Literature, 1700-1939, 1986, 448pp., o/p. Exceptionally useful directory of trade catalogs, with makersı addresses, dates. $ 60
  Edmonson, J.M. American Surgical Instruments: An Illustrated History of their Manufacture and a Directory of Instrument Makers to 1900, 1997, 352pp. with 307 illlus. Wonderful addition to the literature -- a must for all collectors. $150
  Thompson, C.J.S. The History and Evolution of Surgical Instruments, 1999 reprint of 1942, 113pp. with 115 illus. Useful work, based on the fine collection of the Royal College of Surgeons, much of which was destroyed during WWII. $ 50

Kidwell, P.A., A. Ackerberg-Hastings, and D.L. Roberts

Tools of American Mathematics Teaching, 1800-2000, 2008, 440 pp., illus. Blackboards to slide rules, string models to computers, all in the servive of education.

$ 70
  Burchard, U. History of the Development of the Crystallographic Goniometer, 1998, 65pp., fully illustrated, paper, forming one issue of the Mineralogical Record periodical. Remarkable study -- a most useful guide. $ 35
  Morrison-Low, A.D. & J.R.R. Christie (eds.) 'Martyr of Science': Sir David Brewster 1781-1868, 1984, 138pp., illus., paper, includes much on instruments, kaleidoscopes, etc. $ 30





Rittenhouse, The Journal of the American Scientific Instrument Enterprise, 1987-2009, the complete 23-year run of volumes 1 through 23 (70 issues total). This journal is dedicated to articles about the history of instruments made and/or used in America. A FEW FULL SETS STILL AVAILABLE. $900



SCIENCE AND EARLY JAMESTOWN, 2007, a RITTENHOUSE 80-page special with in-depth studies of scientific instruments and activities in this first English settlement in the New World (published on Jamestown's 400th anniversary). $ 30





SICU2 CONFERENCE PAPERS, 2008, a RITTENHOUSE special volume consisting of two 112-page issues, edited by S. Turner, with authors Nasser, Raposo, Mills, Cocquyt, Atzema, Buskes, Andersson, Kwan, Winkler, Granato, Kremer, and Brenni. Subjects cover a wide range, dealing with both research and teaching using university historic scientific instrument collections.

$ 60




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