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NON-RMS-THREAD MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVE, 19th c. Fine, lacquered brass, with case. (S32) $50.


GOOD FRENCH MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVE, c. second half 19th c., signed "Foyer 1-1/2 mm, E.H. et A.P." Excellent, with signed case. (S31) $95.


VICTORIAN MICROSCOPE EYEPIECE, English, second half 19th c., the brass tube 35.73 mm in outside diameter. Condition is excellent. (S30) $40.


GOOD REPLICA LAENNEC STETHOSCOPE, 20th century. Turned of a fine dense hardwood, the 13" x 1-3/8" (33 x 3.5 cm) stethoscope conforms well to the dimensions published by the inventor in 1819 (and see Tesseract Catalogue 34 Item 8), The earpiece and the pectoral bell are gently concave. The bell can be removed as desired, and the stethoscope pulls apart in the center for ease of transport. Very fine. (S22) $895.


FINE MICROMETER EYEPIECE, German, c. 1900, signed "E. Leitz, Wetzlar," 2-3/4" (7 cm) tall (closed), with 10x ocular focusing on the finely ruled glass reticle. A ruled index line is driven over the reticle by precision calibrated micrometer drive. Very fine. (S16) $280.


THE ALLERGIST -- AN AMUSING HAND-CARVED WOODEN FIGURE, Austrian, 1958, signed "Jaschke" and dated. 5-1/2" (14 cm) tall, fully hand-carved and painted, with a rectangular wood base..Fine condition. (S17) $95.


THE OTOLARYNGOLOGIST -- AN AMUSING HAND-CARVED WOODEN FIGURE, probably Austrian, mid-20th century, 5-1/2" (14 cm) tall, fully hand-carved and painted, with a rectangular wood base..Probably Jaschke manufacture. Fine condition. (S18) $95.


THE CONSULTANT -- AN AMUSING HAND-CARVED WOODEN FIGURE, Austrian, mid-20th century, signed "Jaschke", 5-3/4" (15 cm) tall, fully hand-carved and painted, with a rectangular wood base..Fine condition. (S19) $95.


THE ENT SPECIALIST-- AN AMUSING HAND-CARVED WOODEN FIGURE, probably Austrian, mid-20th century, 5-1/2" (14 cm) tall, fully hand-carved and painted, with a rectangular wood base. The physician is shown with his ear syringe, tuning fork, light reflector, eyeglasses, and very full beard! Probably Jaschke manufacture. Fine condition. (S20) $95.


THE "TINY ATOM MOTOR AND VARIABLE SPEED POWER APPLICATOR" KIT, American (Cleveland), c. 1955, contained in the original 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" x 1-7/8" (17 x 17 x 5 cm) printed card box. Made by "Wilson's of Cleveland," the set includes motor, gearing, housing, pulley, instruction book, and price list, all unopened, unused, and in excellent condition. (S29) $275.


AO SPENCER MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVE, American, mid-20th century, 43x, N.A. 0.66, #950162. Excellent. (S23) $70.


SPENCER LENS CO. MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVE, American (Buffalo, N.Y.), , mid-20th century, 95x, N.A.1.25, Hom. 1-1.8 mm, # 574493. Very fine. (S24) $80.


STEREOSCOPE FOR VERASCOPE VIEWS, French, early 19th century, signed. The handheld brass stereo viewer is 4-1/2" (11.5 cm) across, with side panels that latch into place, and slotted arms that swing down as carriers for stereo views. In fine condition, it folds flat for portability. (S26) $160.


HIGH POWER BINOCULARS, probably French, c. 1900. The brass system opens from 5-3/4" to 8-1/2" (15 - 22 cm) long, the parallel tubes hinged for adjustable calibrated interocular separation. Cleaned but good. (S27) $180.


THE PATENTED BIASCOPE, American (Rochester, N.Y.), c. early 20th century, by Wollensak. Measuring 3-3/4" wide, these pocket binoculars have 6x magnification, with communal focusing by central lever. Fine with light wear. (S28) $150.


KALEIDOSCOPE, c. 1900, the 6-5/8" (17 cm) long,body of heavy card bound in colored embossed papers. Twin internal mirrors give six-fold symmetric images of the colored glass fragments. Condition is good and functional, noting some wear, plus breaks to the ground glass end piece. (S21) $195.


THE ANATOMICAL COUPLE, American, c. 1958, the transparent celluloid figures standing 6-3/8" (16 cm) tall, signed "Merck Sharp & Dohme," and "Diuril" for the company's diuretic pharmaceutical. In fine condition, the woman liquid filled, the man with internal organs and vessels. (S8) $295./the pair


ATOMIZER, French, c. 1900, 5" (13 cm) long, striped blue and white glass and cast metal. Excellent. (S2) $85.


S. MORDAN PORTABLE GOLDEN TOOTHPICK, English, c. late 19th century, stamped "S. Mordan...Makers" and "...C. Palmer Inventor," 2-1/4" (56 mm) long when closed. This little pocket tool has a tapered flexible gold toothpick on a retractable rod that slides into the ivorine sheath with its heavily gold plated hardware. Condition is fine noting a tiny chip to the ivorine. Sampson Mordan, in 1822, co-invented the mechanical pencil. His successful firm continued in business, under the name "S. Mordan & Co.," until 1941. This Victorian gold toothpick, the invention of T.C. Palmer, is a fine example of their work. (9495) $275.


GERMAN "POCKET" GLOBE, c. early 20th c., signed "Die Erdkugel, Verlag v. Z.&B." The 3" (7.5 cm) terrestrial globe is made of card, mounted in each hemisphere with 12 lithographed gores and a polar calotte. Land is tan and water green, and many ocean currents are shown. Condition is good noting rubbed spots. (9022) $495.



WIDE-ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHIC LENS CONVERTERS, c. late 19th c., the two 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) diameter brass cells engraved "5 x 7, W.A.," one labeled "EMIL". In excellent condition, in their compartmented carrying case. (S7) $35.


CENCO'S LECTURE TABLE GALVANOMETER, American, c. 1930, signed "Central Scientific Co., Chicago." Standing 14-1/2" (37 cm) tall overall, with a circular wood base, three leveling screws, and a glass dome, the galvanometer has a permanent magnet (with patented rotation about the vertical axis for zero correction), a suspended copper wire coil attached to the double needle, and a double readout scale (front and back, for visibility from both sides). In Cenco's catalogue we find that a deflection of one scale division is produced by a current of only 0.0000136 amperes. Condition is good except for a large crack in the dome, the needle suspension wire present but broken, and one terminal post missing. (S11) $230.


OPISOMETER, French for the English market, c. early 20th century, "Depose H C," 4-5/8" (12 cm) long, plated, "Inches to Miles or Verstes" and "Centimetres to Kilometres," very fine. (S14) $75.


INVALID FEEDER, English, c. 1920, "W. Adams & Co. 1917," soft-paste porcelain cup 4-5/8" (12 cm) in diameter, with spout and side handle, very fine. (S15) $145.





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